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Jan 20th
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The Master Answers

No Regrets, No Complaints

No Regrets, No Complaints Question: What can I do to have no regrets and no complaints?Full story

The Year of the Rabbit, A Year of the Heart

The Year of the Rabbit, A Year of the Heart [ Master's Teachings ]
For ethnic Chinese people living around the world, the Lunar New Year is an important time. While many pray for blessings for the new year, wishing for good health, prosperity, good fortune, and an auspicious year, Dharma Master Cheng Yen calls our attention to our own hearts as the true origin of blessings. Below is a selection of teachings extracted from Dharma Master Cheng Y... Full story

Meeting with a TV News Anchor and Producer

Meeting with a TV News Anchor and Producer Mr. Bai Yansong, an anchorman for China Central Television (CCTV), and producer Liu Aimin, came to visit Dharma Master Cheng Yen to learn more about Tzu Chi. They were both impressed after hearing that many middle school and college students were spending their summer vacations volunteering at Tzu Chi General Hospitals.

"Children nowadays are well protected by the love and care of their parents. Th... Full story

The Power of the Unspoken

The Power of the Unspoken Master Cheng Yen encourages us to cultivate ourselves so that everyone will take delight in seeing us and enjoy our company.

Not long after I joined Tzu Chi, a judge I knew exhibited a lot of curiosity, and some bewilderment, about our foundation. To help her understand, I provided an elaborate explanation. After listening, she admitted she had a clearer understanding of Tzu Chi. But then she added... Full story

When East Meets West

When East Meets West To most Western people, "Tzu" and "Chi" are just two transliterated Chinese words; but to Sister Angela M. Doyle, "Tzu Chi" is a bridge of Great Love that transcends all races and religions.

Despite the onslaught of Typhoon Nari on September 16, 2001, which flooded northern Taiwan and inflicted severe damage to the whole island, Sister Angela Mary Doyle, rsm, former superintendent of the Brisbane M... Full story
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