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Aug 15th
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Autistic Children Street Cleaning

On the morning of Sunday, 25th July the Tzu Chi train started its trip from Chatswood to Windsor. Despite having to go through the tedium of transferring from train to bus, getting off, then boarding a train again, the enthusiastic spirits of the eight autistic children families and the numerous volunteers could not be dampened. Upon arrival at Windsor, the children could hardly wait to be organized. When they started using their implements to pick up litter, eager to return the clean streets to the Windsor residents.Full story


Starson Project

This project aims to provide assistance to families with children suffering from... Full story

Transnational works of charity NGO in Special Consultative Status

At its July 2010 general meeting, United Nations’ Economic and Social Council co... Full story

Calamities in New Zealand and Japan

A 9.0 Richter scale earthquake hit northern Japan on March 11 this year.  Coordi... Full story

Love without boundaries. Help does not rest.

Whether it be Taiwan, Haiti, Pakistan, or other countries, wherever disaster str... Full story
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" The expressions on our face and the tone of our voice all communicate to others. So smile and speak softly; preserve a gentle attitude. "
Jing-Si Aphorism