Love without boundaries. Help does not rest.

Sat, 28 May 2011 William Niu

Whether it be Taiwan, Haiti, Pakistan, or other countries, wherever disaster strikes, our volunteers always respond promptly. We carry out disaster relief with empathy and follow Master Cheng Yen’s holistic approach and focus on stability, safety, and peace of mind. Every disaster is a revelation with a moral.  For those of us who cannot be overseas with the relief, streetside appeals are our tokens of support.  Collections are acknowledged with deep bows as appreciation of our ability to help.


6-4Distribution of much needed supplies in Haiti after the catastrophic earthquake in January 2010.

6-5Our first Pakistan relief team arrived on 24/10/2010 and carried out a 2-day distribution on  November 3 and 4 to nearly 50,000 locals from 6,800 families.  

 6-7 2010.11.03 Province:Sindh County:Thatta Town:Sujawal
Our local volunteers received their uniform vest with pride and joy.

6-8 2010.11.03 Province:Sindh County:Thatta Town:Sujawal
Our first recipient of the aid parcels.

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