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Jul 07th
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Tzu Chi Australia 30th Anniversary

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2022 is the 30th Anniversary of the establishment of Tzu Chi Australia. Through a tea party held in 1988, the holy mission of Tzu Chi was introduced to the local community. In 1990, Tzu Chi in Brisbane held a hospital volunteering event to shed light on Tzu Chi's activities to those involved. By 1992, Tzu Chi Australia Head Office was formed in Sydney. With the thought of our Master's teaching in mind- that living in this adopted mother country, we are obliged to repay the kindness we have received and to form a good affinity with the land and with its people. Therefore we have not looked back but to make use of the local resources as best we could to gain independence as well as to give back to the local society. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all those involved. It is hoped that all members in Australia will persevere and persist in maintaining our initial goal of helping those in need. It is also hoped that the young generation will participate and carry on the mission unwaveringly.